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Computer diagnostics
& repair service

in Grantham and surrounding areas

Computer Diagnostics

This is a process where the source of operational issues in a computer or laptop is identified and analysed. During the diagnostic process, technicians or users examine the computer's performance, any error indications, software and hardware issues, as well as the functioning of the operating system. Various diagnostic tools and software are used to identify and localise the root causes of problems.

Software Maintenance

The concept of software maintenance involves updating, modifying, or fixing individual software applications or operating systems to improve their performance, stability, or security. There are several reasons for this: Bug fixes: During software development, bugs or errors may occur that need to be fixed later on. These bugs can range from minor glitches to more serious issues that can significantly affect the software's operation. Performance optimization: Over time, developers develop new methods and technologies to optimize software performance. These optimizations are usually introduced during software updates. Security patches: Software security is crucial, especially for software used on the internet. Developers continuously monitor security vulnerabilities and issues, releasing patches to prevent malicious attacks or data loss. Adding new features: Sometimes software updates introduce new features or capabilities that provide additional value to users or enhance the software's functionality. Software maintenance typically involves updating the application or operating system, which can be an automatic or manual process depending on how software updates are configured. However, it's important to understand that software maintenance is not only about fixing bugs but also about improving overall software quality and security.

Computer Repair

This procedure involves the repair, assembly, or maintenance of a computer or laptop. Computer repair can be hardware or software-related. Hardware repair includes replacing or repairing components such as the hard drive, memory, processor, or graphics card, cleaning cooling fans, replacing the motherboard, etc. Software repair includes installing or updating the operating system, removing viruses and spyware, fixing system errors, and resolving other software issues. Computer repair is essential to ensure that computers and laptops function properly and to efficiently address any issues, thereby contributing to optimal performance and longevity of the devices.

Network Maintenance

Fixing network issues may involve the following: Diagnosing and resolving Wi-Fi network problems: This includes improving Wi-Fi signal strength and stability, troubleshooting slow Wi-Fi connections, expanding Wi-Fi coverage in the home, etc. Configuring and setting up network devices: This involves checking router or modem settings, creating new Wi-Fi networks, changing network passwords, etc. Handling network hardware issues: Checking and repairing network devices (such as routers, modems, switches, etc.), replacing faulty cables, diagnosing faulty ports, etc. Optimizing network speed and performance: Performing operations to increase home network speed or improve performance, such as updating network devices, implementing optimizations, etc. Addressing security issues: Checking and updating network security settings, fixing potential security holes or vulnerabilities, etc. Connecting and configuring network devices: Connecting and setting up new devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart home devices, etc., on the network. Conducting troubleshooting processes: Diagnosing home network issues and taking steps to resolve them, such as using network troubleshooting tools, checking network software, etc.

Services & Solutions

  • Computer Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Computer Repairs and Upgrades

  • Computer Health Check and Tune-up

  • Virus and Malware Removal

  • Data Saving and transfer to New Computer

  • Broadband Configuration

  • Wireless Set-up and Troubleshooting

  • Bespoke system builds

  • Hard drive replacement

  • Internet connection problems solved

  • Memory upgrades

  • Operating system installation

  • Router, Broadband and Network problems resolved

  • Software installation and configuration

  • System cleanup

  • System crash problems solved

  • System recovery and reinstallation

  • Etc...

RB Mediatech Creative Studio | Web Design | Grantham
RB Mediatech Creative Studio | Web Design | Grantham

When others give up, we're just getting started!



Say goodbye to frustrating downtime and say hello to seamless computing experience. Trust RB MEDIATECH Creative Studio for prompt, realiable and affordable computer diagnostics and  repair services!

RB Mediatech Creative Studio | Web Design | Grantham

Looking for a tech professional?
Look no further!

At RB Mediatech Creative Studio, we offer expert computer diagnosics and repair services to ensure your systems are running smoothly.  With over three decades of experience in computer science, we specialize in identifying and resolving a wide range of issues, from hardware malfunctions to software errors. Our meticulous approach and dedication guarantee efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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